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Anonymous whispered:
Where did you get your theme?

[It’s from Yukoki! Though I tend to find themes through Theme Hunter.]


Deadpool™! The one and only. It’s trademarked, see? How’d I make that sound with my mouth? Who knows.

☛ Independent Wade Wilson/Deadpool roleplay blog
☛ Script to para, and everything in between. 
☛ Mun is 19+. Deadpool can be a bit of a NSFW character, but everything will be tagged appropriately.
                                            ☛ “I’m legal, I swear.”
☛ Several years roleplay experience, 2+ years of Tumblr roleplay.
☛ Multifandom, oc, and multiverse friendly.
☛ Deadpool’s always willing to do things.
☛ Any questions or anything - feel free to send an ask or request my Skype. 
                                            ☛ “Took you long enough to make one of these, you jerk.”
                                            ☛ “The world needs more of my greatness.”



I’ve done a lotta bad hings in my life. more than most folks. But then, I’ve lived a lot longer than most folks.

✘- Independent Wolverine roleplay blog
✘- Script to Advance Lit.
✘- Mun and Muse are of age (+18)
✘- Multifandom, Multiverse, OC, Genderbent, Anything friendly
✘- Default verse is Comic verse, but can do Movie verse or any other verse.
✘- Always looking to roleplay!

brushes the dust off this blog
guess who’s back, baby.


Nothing will convince me that this ship isn’t canon. 


deadpool & death..


Ryan Reynolds